Camlp5 is a preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml.
It is compatible with all versions of ocaml >= 4.02.0.
The 7.xx releases are also (theoretically) compatible with all versions of ocaml from 1.07 upwards (when they compile), and jocaml 3.12.0 to 3.12.1, though the latter is not tested.

There are two distributed versions of Camlp5:
The current distributed version is 8.00 (released 2021-01-02). This version has many, many changes from the 7.xx releases, and hence we will also maintain a 7.xx-compatible release stream.
The current 7.xx-compatible release is 7.14 (released 2021-12-26).



You need OCaml to compile.

Download the sources: Release 8.00 tgz.
Release 7.14 tgz.

Alternatively, checkout the Git repository from: camlp5/camlp5 (master branch)
camlp5/camlp5 (release 7.xx branch)

The documentation has also changed: the 7.xx branch documentation remains available
but new documentation is being written using Sphinx/RST, and is available here as well as at (where PDF, HTML, and EPub-downloadable versions are also available).

Or download backlevel documentation (no change since 7.12):

Old versions...

Directory of sources of all versions.
Directory of documentations of all versions.

Work in progress...

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